Enforcement Reports


The Maricopa County Air Quality Department's Enforcement Division is responsible for settling air quality violations within Maricopa County. Enforcement action taken on local companies violating clean air rules will be published and updated on a monthly basis in a report.

Monthly Enforcement Reports

Violation Citations Within Reports

The ‘Notes’ column in the Enforcement Reports indicates the county air pollution rule/section, permit condition or federal regulation for which the violator was cited. Details of county rule numbers may be found on our Adopted Rules page.

Order of Abatement by Consent

An Order of Abatement by Consent (OAC) is defined as any agreement to resolve alleged violations entered into by the department which is done under the authority of A.R.S. 49-511E. By signing an OAC, recipients of a Notice of Violation (NOV) from this department agree to settle violations with the county without admitting to the violations.

Public Records

Additional information regarding these Enforcement Reports may be obtained through the Maricopa County Air Quality Department's Records Division. For details on how to submit public records requests, please visit our Public Records Forms page.

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Page reviewed 13 September 2018