Smoke School

What is Smoke School?

Smoke School is training in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Method 9 Visible Emission Observation and leads to visible emissions certification.

Do You Need Smoke School?

  • Rule 316: Visible emissions certification is required for fugitive dust control technicians. (Rule 316, § 309.5)
  • Rule 310: Visible emissions certification is recommended for superintendents and for dust control coordinators.

Who Offers Visible Emissions Certification?

The Air Quality Department does not offer visible emissions certification, nor can it make recommendations for or against any providers. The list below is offered as a convenience for individuals who may be looking for smoke school and should not be considered an endorsement of any provider. There may be additional providers who do not appear on this list.
Arizona Smoke School
Contact: Fred Ellis
Phone: 480-226-0945
Email Arizona Smoke School
Singleton Smoke School
Contact: Bradley Singleton
Phone: 615-572-2075
Email Singleton Smoke School
Compliance Assurance Associates
Contact: Anthony Ferro
Phone: 901-381-9960 ext. 302
Email Compliance Assurance Associates

Aeromet Engineering, Inc.
​Contact: Gabe Keilholz
​Phone: 573-636-6393
Email Aeromet Engineering, Inc.

Page reviewed 29 September 2023