Subcontractor Registration

How to Apply for or Renew a Subcontractor Registration

New subcontractor registration applications and current registration renewals are submitted through the Dust and Miscellaneous Portal. To access the Dust and Miscellaneous Portal, follow the steps below.

  1. Create an Account for the Dust and Miscellaneous Portal.
  2. Completing a New or Renewal Subcontractor Registration.
  3. Submit the $50 fee through the Dust and Miscellaneous portal. You will receive an email after your application is processed with the completed registration and your CMP (previously SC) number to be displayed.

A video is also available to guide you through the steps for Submitting a New or Renewal Subcontractor Registration.

Who is Required to Have a Subcontractor Registration?

A subcontractor who engages in dust-generating operations at a site that requires a dust control permit, and is not the permit holder for that site, must have a valid subcontractor registration. Dust-generating operations include driving on unpaved roads, haul areas, or access areas. You must register as a subcontractor prior to performing dust-generating activities on a site for which you are not the permit holder. A subcontractor registration may be issued to an individual, a partnership, a limited liability company, or a corporation. Any water truck driver with subcontractor registration is also required to have basic dust control training. Visit our Dust Sources, Control, and Training webpage for more information. 

Fees and Registration Renewal

The annual fee (new or renewal) for subcontractor registration is $50. Registration is valid for one year from the date it is issued and must be renewed annually if you continue to work in Maricopa County. Your registration number (which may begin with either "SC" or "CMP") will not change if you remain current on renewals.

How to Display Your Registration Number

Previously issued subcontractor registration numbers begin with SC (i.e., SC0500010). The online portal now generates subcontractor registrations numbers that begin with CMP (i.e., CMP162001). Companies with an existing SC number may reference either their SC number or their newly issued CMP number. Companies without existing SC numbers will reference their CMP number. 

Subcontractors must display their registration number (SC or CMP) on every job site where they work. The number needs to be visible and readable from a distance without having to approach an individual on the site. The registration number may be copied or reproduced in any format, so long as the registration number is readily accessible while conducting any dust generating operations on-site.

There are many acceptable ways to display your registration number, such as:

  • Painted on the vehicle
  • Paper sign affixed to the vehicle or equipment window
  • Sign at the entrance displaying the subcontractor name and the SC or CMP number
  • Magnet on the door or bumper
  • Rearview mirror hanger
  • Banner near subcontractor’s work location

A window display is a valid option so long as the number is visible from the exterior of the vehicle. Both window display and bumper/door magnets are good methods of displaying registration numbers for those using personal vehicles or renting equipment.

Page reviewed 4 December 2023