About Risk Management

The Risk Management Department administers the County's self-insurance program. Its vision is to be recognized as a leader in Risk Management, and to be relied upon for a county-wide risk management philosophy and culture. Risk Management's primary activities are:
  • Risk consulting
  • Insurance procurement above self-insured retention levels
  • Maricopa County Self-Insured Risk Trust Fund management and financing
  • Administration of claims within self-insured retention
  • Monitor third party administration of unemployment claims
  • Investigation and disposition of casualty and property claims and lawsuits
  • Safety training, reporting, and compliance
  • Loss control programs
  • Environmental investigation, remediation, and reporting
  • Contractual indemnification and insurance requirement language drafting and review

Operating Divisions

The Risk Management Department is divided into four operating divisions, Claims, Safety, Environmental and Administration. Risk Management strives to accomplish its mission with direction from the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and assistance from the Maricopa County Self-Insured Risk Trust Fund Board of Trustees. The Risk Management Director reports to the County Manager of Maricopa County.


 Provide safety and loss control programs, insurance, environmental and claims management services to the Board of Supervisors, Maricopa County Departments, Districts and Trust Members to reduce or eliminate loss.