Shared Use

Many Maricopa County residents, especially children, have limited access to safe spaces to play and gather. Limited access to recreational spaces can result in poor physical and mental health. The Maricopa County Shared Use Initiative brings together community members, schools, state and local government officials, businesses, foundations and others dedicated to unlocking spaces, supporting communities and creating healthier environments in our county and beyond.  SHARED USE SUMMIT 2.0 Button Hover

What is shared use?

Shared use, sometimes called joint use, occurs when an entity such as a school agrees to open their doors for use by the neighborhood. While many equate shared use with playgrounds, shared use can also include the creative reuse of vacant land, school classrooms or multipurpose rooms, gymnasiums, tracks and many other underutilized facilities.

Entities that can participate in shared use include:
  • Government
  • Public
  • Private
  • Nonprofit
  • Faith-based
Together, we can help ensure that more safe, accessible spaces to play and gather are available to those who need it most. You can learn more about activating shared use in your community, existing shared use sites near you and upcoming engagement opportunities through the links below. Contact us for any questions, and we'll get in touch.