1. Diversity & Inclusion

    Learn how Maricopa County seeks to be a diverse and inclusive workplace.

  2. Merit Systems Commission

    The Maricopa County Merit System Commissions are actually 2 commissions in 1. The Commissions are responsible for overseeing the Employee Merit System Rules (under the provisions of A.R.S. § 11-351 through § 11-357) and the Law Enforcement Officers Merit System Resolution (A.R.S. § 38-1001 through 38-1007).

  3. Benefit Board of Trustees

    The Self-Insured Benefits Trust Fund Board of Trustees administers the Maricopa County Benefits Trust for the purpose of administering, staffing, managing, and funding the Health and Welfare Benefits Program.

  4. Compensation

    Learn more about employee compensation in Maricopa County and find salary information for all positions.

  5. Turnover Data

    Find turnover data tracked by Macricopa County. Only true separations such as retirements and both voluntary and involuntary separations are included in this data.

  6. Notices

    View notices including the Cobra Initial Notification, HIPAA Privacy Notice, and the Heroes Earnings Assistance and Tax Relief Act.